Axolote Oversnap

Axolote Oversnap on Kickstarter

This is exciting stuff… I printed out a few of the test pieces and although I need to treak some things for the floor system, the wall system is killer right off the printer!

Sliding texture tiles is surprisingly brilliant in their function.  They take up way less storage space and you’ll need fewer structure pieces as you can change a tavern into a cave into a Dwarven fortress into a street just by swapping the skins.

I’m all in on this campaign.  I’ve also pledged for a license to print and sell the system so look for it on the site at some point in the future!  It’s Dragonbite™ and OpenLOCK compatible (pick which system) and the print tests worked perfectly!  They do have a tight tolerance and with some sliding in and out the tiles fit better, but such is the manner of 3D printed parts.

On another note, I signed up for both Dragonbite and OpenLOCK licenses and will be adding much more to the site.

Keep your eyes on the blog and Facebook page for more information.


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