Cross Lances Studio is at it again!

Another Kickstarter campaign by Cross Lances Studio is happening!

Once again, the models are fantastic…  Filippo and the crew are talented sculptors and every one of their models is worthy of tabletop action.  I’ve printed a handful of their previous models and have used them as torture tests and calibration of my D7 resin printers.  If I can get the detail from the STL files to show on the print, then I know the machine is tuned.

Here are a few pics of the rendered models and prints I have so far.

And the Satyr Chaos Warrior

I re-based the models and scaled to 32mm scale as it’s my preferred model size.  They’re originally designed at 28mm scale but can be sized up or down seamlessly for printing.  Printing was done at 80microns on the Wanhao D7 v1.5 with Monocure3D Rapid Grey resin.

You think these look good?  Check out some of the other images from the campaign.


Be sure to check out the campaign and jump on board!   For more info, visit the Cross Lances Studio Website and Facebook page.

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