Round 1: Full Impact MMA hits Kickstarter with an Uppercut!

Full Impact MMA is on Kickstarter!

This game dates back to 2007 and is still selling and plays fantastic, but I think it’s time for a revamp!  Enter the Kickstarter…

The plan is to meld the two books together into one and streamline some of the information internally.  I’ve always felt the new book could use some clarification but I never had the time to revisit it.  Now we’re 10 years later and I’m thinking Kickstarter might be the place to get me motivated to do some of this.

There will be additions made to the book as outlined by Stretch Goals; more to come as the Campaign progresses.  Let me just say there’s a HUGE addition to be made if we get to that point.  Kindof a Book 3, but I aim to make it a Chapter 3 in the main book while the Original version will be Chapter 1 and HARDCORE! will be Chapter 2.  I won’t say more right now but regardless of the Kickstarter success or failure, I’ll be working on this new project for future release.

For more info, watch this blog and join the Kickstarter Project!

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