Cross Lances Kickstarter Campaign : NurGoblin Team

The Cross Lances team is at it again… sculpting amazing models and selling the STL (print files) on Kickstarter.  I’ve printed a whole bunch of their other models with great success so reached out to see if they’d let me make an offer to print the models for sale.  As a bonus to Kickstarter backers, I’ll be offering a discount on the prints depending on how much you spend on the campaign.  Buy one model, get a discount on that guy; buy the whole team, get a whole team discount!

Pricing to be determined once I do some test prints (after the campaign) but it’ll be competitive with other agencies.  These will be direct prints and not molded models as I haven’t stepped in that direction yet.  It is the intended course for this whole process eventually which should mean even lower prices in the future.

I’m down for a whole team pledge, get in on the project with me for a great price!

Now here’s the link to their NurGoblin Campaign

And here’s a few pics of my previous prints of Cross Lances models.

More info at

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